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AE Games

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Welcome To AE Games, formerly atomic games.

Welcome, feel free to explore the site.



<11/20/06>: My computer that held total madness crashed, and the source is lost. ;( Sadly this means that for now the total madness project is discontinued. I will put v2.0 alpha up for download though. I am very sorry to all the fans of my mod, few though they were, I am starting a new project called "Total Madness: Revival" this will be an attempt to remake the game and try to get it back to the way it was & make it better. Until next time...
- Brandon "Darko-TheRaven" Malpass


<4/20/06>: 11 weapons have been redone. The lightsaber now uses Darth Vader's* lightsaber hilt from Star Wars: Episode V* that I have drawn in flash, by myself... and it wasn't easy so... be happy ;D.


<3/30/06>: THADIS has been removed from the AlphaCrew for having an invalid email address. This leaves 4 slots open now, hurry and sign up so you can play the game before anyone else.


<3/29/06>: Total Madness v2.0 alpha uploaded for the AlphaCrew.


<2/27/06>: I recently had to change the name of the company due to the fact that an atomic games exists already. We have been renamed AE Games. Which stands for Atomic Entertainment. So the online play is back up. Be sure to update your bookmarks.